Level 3 Practitioner

Responsible to: Nursery Manager/ Deputy Nursery Manager and Room Leader

Main Duties:

  • To understand and respect the need for consistency of care for the children, report for duty on time, maintain regular attendance, give appropriate notice of holiday requests and report non-attendance through sickness promptly and appropriately following nursery procedure.
  • To assist in providing a safe, supportive and caring environment for young children in the care of Spotty Zebra Day Nursery Ltd; to ensure that all aspects of each individual child’s development are given full consideration.
  • To ensure that clean and hygienic standards are maintained at all times. This includes daily cleaning rotas, nappy changing and other nursery/housekeeping duties.
  • To maintain and follow all Health and Safety policies and procedures at all times.
  • To develop a thorough knowledge of all of the company’s operational policies and procedures, ensuring that they are followed and respected at all times.
  • To be fully up to date with the requirements and delivery of the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ Curriculum and ensure that your practice meets and aims to exceed those requirements in conjunction with other team members.
  • To be proactive in the process of activity planning, child observation and development records on a regular basis and as requested by your Room Leader/Nursery Manager.
  • To ensure that communication with children, parents and the staff team is polite and courteous at all times.
  • To share relevant information and ensure that information passed between parents and staff is communicated to your Room Leader/Nursery Manager as appropriate.
  • To be an effective Keyperson to those children assigned to you, and to take on other assigned responsibilities as requested and advised by your supervisor/Room Leader/Manager in line with knowledge and experience.
  • To maintain confidentiality about all issues related Spotty Zebra Day Nursery Ltd, it’s operation, children, their families, parents, staff and any other information acquired as part of the job.
  • To be aware of the high profile of the setting and to uphold its standards at all times, both in work hours and outside.
  • To develop and maintain strong partnerships and communication with parents/carers to facilitate day to day care and early learning needs, including awareness of any disabilities, family cultures and medical histories.
  • To advise Manager/Deputy of any concerns you may have regarding children, parents, staff members, the safety of the environment, preserving confidentiality where necessary.
  • To support Nursery Assistants, Students and Volunteers in the learning and development of the children and the day to day practice.
  • To ensure high standards of safety, hygiene and cleanliness are maintained at all times
  • To be flexible within working practices of the setting, undertaking other responsible duties where needed, such as domestic tasks, preparation of snack meals etc. and also be involved in out of working hours activities such as staff meetings/open day events.