A Place to Love & Learn


The Spotty Zebra Day Nursery operate all year round, closing only for bank holidays. Our day starts at 7:30am and end at 6:00pm Monday to Friday. We provide high quality care and early learning for all children aged from birth to when they start school.

Our building is light, spacious and airy. The ground floor comprises of a separate dining area offering nutritionally freshly cooked meals in a restaurant-style setting that encourages fellowship and conversation together at meal times. There are also 3 large rooms which are designed to cultivate children’s inquisitive minds and encourage children to explore, investigate and create a lifelong enjoyment for learning. Each room has its own open door access into a spacious garden where children are able to get creative in our outdoor Kitchen.

The first floor is for our youngest children were Staff are specifically trained to support and nurture our young babies. We continue training in Baby sign, sing & sign, tummy time, tuning into babies and are always looking for new ways to give our babies an even better, more stimulating experience.

Children are at the heart of everything that happens as we believe children will thrive in an environment that is happy, where they are able to feel safe and secure, and feel they are valued and respected. Our caring atmosphere and Key person system supports children to build a solid foundation of confidence and self-esteem.

Our primary aim is to create a relaxed, caring environment where experienced staff nurture children’s learning and inspire children to create positive attitudes, good relationships, manners and effective social skills.

The following pages will give a brief insight into what we offer, however we recommend a personal visit, as there is no better way than to see for yourself and experience first-hand the care, teaching and family orientated atmosphere that we promote on a daily basis.


Teaching Our Children To Stay Safe

The safety and wellbeing of all those in our care is extremely important to us. The nursery has 24 hour CCTV security cameras surrounding the building and also in each room. There are two door entry systems to pass through before accessing the main nursery to ensure the security of all those inside.

We carry out rigorous Health and safety checks each morning before opening and have two named and trained Health and Safety officers. All staff are qualified First Aiders and are trained in child protection and also Health and Safety awareness.

Garden checks are again carried out just before children go outside, routine fire and emergency drills are part of our monthly planning and are made as fun as possible for the children.

In our Pre-School room each day we select a “Helping hand”. Part of their special responsibility is to help carry out the garden safety check and set the dinner table before meals. Each step of the way each child is encouraged to recognise and manage risks.

We are continually helping children to understand how they can stay safe and help each other stay safe too.  All staff teach children how to make safer choices, risk assess and manage their own safety. We teach children a shared responsibility for keeping everyone safe as an important learning tool for everyday life.

Throughout the year we have a number of events and workshops that help embed essential safety messages: from visits from the community police, activities around ‘stranger danger’, a visit from the local fire brigade to instil the ‘stop, drop and roll’ massage, Road safety workshops, activities surrounding ‘people who help us’ and much more.

spotted zebra nursery
Nursery spotted zebra